• Eni Horvath

The 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast for Your Business

Do you have a successful business that you're ready to scale up?

Do you want to reach a bigger audience and help even more people?

Do you want to show your expertise in your industry?

Starting a podcast might be the best option for you!

Podcasting is one of the most personal platforms for sharing your message. You can create an intimate connection and build trust with your listeners. As a result, your audience will turn to you when they need your services.

Also, podcasting is truly rewarding and a lot of fun!

I gathered the 5 main benefits of podcasting for coaches, experts and online service providers:

1. Share your message

Podcasting is the best way to share your message with the world. No other platform provides this level of convenience. Writing posts on social media or blogging can also be a good medium to share your message, however, podcasting can really show your personality, and create a connection with your listeners. While a Youtube video is hard to watch in some situations, and a blogpost can be too long to read for some busy people, a podcast can be listened to on the go. So it is a convenient way to share something valuable.

2. Gain a new audience

One of the best things about podcasting is that you create an episode once, and it will keep attracting new listeners over time. Studies have shown that most people start to listen to a new podcast from the very beginning. So it is very likely that someone will find your show 2 years from now and listen to all the episodes. Share valuable information in every episode, and gain listeners all the time.

3. Build trust with your listeners

Podcasting is one of the most intimate platforms. Your audience will hear your personality and only listen to you for that 20-60 minutes your episode last. You will be part of their everyday life, and as they keep getting to know you, they will subconsciously start to trust you. And we all know that trust is crucial for a healthy and successful business.

4. Connect with your ideal client

If your ideal client is well-defined in your business, you can start attracting even more of them through your podcast. Dedicate your show to your ideal client's needs and your podcast will work as a filter. The listeners who have a problem that you solve in your show and the listeners who have a desire that you can help them reach, will find you and connect with your message.

5. Collaborate with other experts in your industry

Want to show your expertise and work with other experts in your industry? Invite them to your show! Podcasting is a great platform for networking because you can invite your peers but can appear on their podcasts as well. A great way to build a lasting business connection with them. Not to mention, that your audience will grow further through the exposure.

Are you ready to start your meaningful podcast, build an engaged audience, and reach your dream clients?

Reach out to me or book a discovery call, and let's discuss your podcast vision!